Friday, March 15, 2013

Time to take three small steps for climate change?

by Karen Cooper

We have lots of good advice on this blog about how you can reduce your impact on climate change. Things like driving your car less, carpooling, and riding your bike are things you can act on. 

But what if you  feel  the need to  better informed or even listened to about your opinions on climate change? How do you do that? What can you do if you want to begin to feel empowered and be part of the conversation? 

Below are some ways you can test the waters. Your action doesn't have to be a big commitment. But there's a chance you could get hooked.  Many of us don't even have 20 minutes a day to spend on this... yet. Take a chance and try one of these small steps. See how it makes you feel and then you may be ready for another: 
5 minutes (one time): Tell Congress It's Time to Address Climate Change - Use this form that you can personalize to send a message to  your Members of Congress  to let them know how you feel about climate change.  Go to

10 minutes (read at least one time):  Subscribe to this newsletter about environmental issues, including climate change. Read it when it arrives:

15 minutes (one time, but maybe more?): Peruse this bio page of the bloggers  who write for "MOMS clean air FORCE", and are part of the fight for clean air. Pick one of them you identify with and drop them a line on their blog. Go to

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