Friday, March 1, 2013

Climate Change-Children Are Agents of Change

By LaFreda Ceaser

It is important to educate ourselves and our communities about the effects of climate change and it is even more important to educate our children because they are our future.  We must start with our little children and the key is to educate them today so they are equipped to make sensible decisions about our planet int he future.  Children are among the most vulnerable to climate change, they should not be considered passive or helpless victims. Children are powerful agents of change, and studies have found that many children can be extraordinarily resilient in the face of significant challenges. Providing children with empowering and relevant education on disasters and climate change in a child-friendly school environment can reduce their vulnerability to risk while contributing to sustainable development for their communities.

Why not start today????  You can begin by sharing this cute little rap video with your child, your neice or nephew, or with a child in your community about climate change.  Enjoy!


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