Monday, May 27, 2013


China is not known for being incredibly eco-friendly. At least, it wasn't until now. In Samning and Nanping there is an eco-compensation effort. There is around $800 million being poured into these cities and their farmers in order to keep the forests and the waters clean. Much like the program New York City's Watershed, they are making strong improvements in how they treat the earth and the conservation of water and ecosystems.

These projects are specifically rebuilding forests and making farmers use new methods in order to conserve forests and grasslands. Some farmers are even asked to relocate their farming if it is in reforestation area, of course they are given compensation for this. These types of programs should be implemented in every country and every city on the planet. If we can keep the eco-system going we can keep our water. Watershed management is the new hope and China is going down the right track. Other places should inherit these methods and if they can't financially wealthier countries should help out. There needs to be these processes in every state of the U.S. especially in the states that need it most, like California, New Mexico, and Florida.

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