Thursday, May 30, 2013

Not So Fun Fact of the Day

"We must work to ensure that no child dies from preventable water-related diseases, that no girl fears going to school for lack of access to a separate toilet, that no women walks six kilometers to collect water for her family, and that no war is ever fought over water"

While attending Portland State University, how many students have wondered, while refilling their water bottles at the free hydrating stations if the water crisis occurred within their vicinity? WHat if those were our children dying from a preventable water-related disease, our sisters or daughters going to school with a fear of not having access to a separate toilet, or our mother and wives walking six kilometers-almost four miles just to obtain water for the family? Even worse, have we imagined a war fought over water? 

The water crisis might not have seemed so urgent a few years ago, or even a few months ago, but now is the time to worry. The crisis is expanding all around the world and effecting everyone, including us. We must do all that we can so no war is fought over water, one of the necessities we human beings need to survive.

Below are links with many different facts about the water crisis.

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