Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Faith in a Better Tomorrow

There seems to be a huge misunderstanding in pop culture about Christianity and sustainability issues. Unfortunately, politics weigh heavily into the conversation. Conservatives do not care about sustainable issues, this is only a liberal stance, right?


Jonathan Merrit, author of Green Like God warns, "Ignoring environmental problems heaps shame on the gospelPart of missional living is telling the truth. That means we must be honest about our world's problems. When we blindly follow Christian lobbying groups and 'alliances' that ignore global injustice, the gospel suffers."

Evangelical Environmental Network is just one example of an organization that  "educates, inspires, and mobilizes Christians in their effort to care for God's creation, to be faithful stewards of God's provision, and to advocate for actions and policies that honor God and protect the environment."

The effects of climate change are issues for all people to address regardless of faith or political views. The Bible commands us to be stewards over the planet.

Watch this recent television spot below for an inspiring message about climate change and how 
we can get involved:

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