Saturday, May 11, 2013

Corporate Barons are stealing our water

Globalization has had harmful effects on many poor people even if it has also helped others to rise out of poverty. Privatization of water is one of the ways that arguably has harmed poor people. Due to the importance of water, global corporations stand to profit if they control access to water. Corporations can get water for free and sell it back to its original owner at a high price unless governments regulate access to water. Corporations see water as a very big income source. Many nation states have started to privatize water as they have other public goods. This choice was not done necessarily because they think it is good. In some cases it was forced on them by the World Bank. The World Bank was forcing poor countries to privatize their water. Poor countries have no choice because they do not have the capacity to oppose the World Bank. Are we going to let this happen? Are we going to sit back and watch barons steal our water?
For more information please watch the documentary.
Yusuf Celik

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