Monday, May 27, 2013

Pure Drinkable Water; Website Project Launch!

The students of Portland State University's Multimedia Capstone have worked very hard to launch our website, Pure Drinkable Water.

When I first began this course, I already knew there are serious issues regarding clean water availability but I did not have a sense of how critical this issue is or how I could personally contribute to finding solutions.

Through blogging and reading other students' work, I realize this is a common misunderstanding. One classmate wrote this piece on how the water crisis is "hidden" because of our proximity to those affected.

We had interesting discussion about Portland, Oregon's fluoride debate on Twitter and here on this blog. Which we have updated our website to include the exciting conclusion of the vote.

One student was able to conduct an interview with Dr. Sandra Postel who is an international expert on the global water crisis. 

We learned about innovative people who are addressing the water crisis combining new and old technologies. 

However, I think what my largest take-away from this term, is how I can make a difference in both small and large ways. We found many, many ways individuals can effect change both inside and outside of their homes. We found many, many organizations who need volunteers and organizers. One organization, Charity:Water asks people to commit to a very small act: give up gift receiving on our birthdays and instead have your loved ones' give directly to those in need of wells.

Thank you to my fellow students and professor for engaging me and helping me to expand my knowledge of a solvable issue.

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