Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rain Water Harvesting

Millions of people lack access to safe drinking water. Check out for more information.

So many of us take our water for granted. Andrew Brown asks us to consider, "What gets the water to the faucet?"

Many regions import water, which ultimately has global impact. Brown addresses the issue with mindful rain water harvesting techniques.

This beautifully shot short video gives an illustration of his methods:

This is just one way individuals are using innovation to conserve water.

In what ways do you conserve water?

Or in what ways would you like to begin conserving water?

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  1. This was really a great work done by the capstone students regarding rainwater harvesting.Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog with us and also thanks for the informative videos. can you tell me the best effective technique to harvest the rain water in an efficient manner.

    1. We are definitely not experts on the topic, still learning, actually! Andrew Brown's website could likely answer this question for you:

  2. Thanks for providing the link EC Pol. It is really a helpful site for learning many things.

  3. Even i am learning about harvesting and my project is to save water on earth. These article help me alot and i will look forward to experiment it practically.

  4. EC Pol, nice work dude. It's very informative blog. Keep posting.

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