Thursday, May 23, 2013

Women Are the Victims Again

Women and kids are two of the biggest victims of any global or local crisis. In many parts of the world women have to work in the field, search for water, give birth, cook, clean, etc. Women are the ones who do most of the work in many parts of the world but when it comes to decision-making they are the ones who are ignored most of the time. The global water crisis is one of the subjects in which women are being ignored. The United Nations (UN) was aware of this gender inequality and they have added this to the Millennium Development Goals project: Promote gender equality and empower women (goal 3) and ensure environmental Sustainability (Goal 7).  These are two of the important goals to bring gender equality and to solve the global water crisis.

With Gender and the Water Millennium Development Goals the UN is trying to promote gender equality. The UN only can not provide help to those women and kids. You can take an action and raise your voice to stop this inequality. By raising your voice you not only save the environment. You also save women’s lives, you save kids, you help girls to go to school instead of searching for water in rural areas where many of them are faced with sexual abuse. Do not deny women their human rights.

Yusuf Celik  

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