Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eco-Friendly Building Materials Can be Less Expensive Than Using Toxic Materials

Many people think about the same thing each and every day, and that thought happens to deal with money. How much money they have, how much they want, and how they are going to get more. While this is a relatively good thought process in some instances, often there can be a lack of foresight into the more important things in life when the focus is solely on money. Thankfully, there is actually one thing that incorporates both good money management, as well as the more important - helping the environment and us individuals stay healthy and happy - and it comes in the form of using eco-friendly building materials instead of toxic materials. The reality is that many people these days have the idea that using toxic building materials instead of eco-friendly materials is the most affordable of the two options. This could not be farther from the truth. 

The reality is that eco-friendly building materials are actually much more inexpensive than their toxic material counterparts. The reason this is so is because eco-friendly building materials are usually made from natural materials, many of which have been recycled. Eco-friendly building materials also mean that there is no big, smog-inducing factory used to make the majority of these materials. Many eco-friendly building materials are able to be up-cycled directly from the home of an individual, as well as sometimes, found in someone's trashcan, or even in the local dump.

Eco-friendly building materials might look "trendy" and expensive, but they are actually inexpensive and very affordable. Some of the best eco-friendly building materials out there today, which are all free or sold at an extremely low-cost include bamboo, composite decking, reclaimed lumber, recycled glass (one of my favorites!), shipping containers, vintage products, used fixtures, sustainable paints, etc. Start building with eco-friendly building materials and watch your good health increase along with your bank account!

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