Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nontoxic Household Cleaners

Having a toxin-free home is great, but you might be undoing some of your work by using regular chemicals to clean that green home. Two examples of common toxic ingredients are chlorine bleach and ammonia. Chlorine bleach kills bacteria and viruses, but it’s also harmful to your skin and eyes if you touch it. If chlorine bleach is mixed with ammonia or acidic cleaners, it gives off toxic gases. It’s also the most common household cleaner to be ingested by children and make them sick. Ammonia alone can also give off toxic fumes and irritate your eyes or respiratory tract.

What else can you use to keep your home clean without using harmful chemicals?

  • Hydrogen peroxide kills mold, kills bacteria, and removes stains. Hydrogen-peroxide bleach is safer than chlorine bleach.
  • White vinegar kills mold, cuts through soap scum, and kills bacteria. It can be mixed with water to make a glass cleaner.
  • Baking soda can be mixed with a little soap to make a scrub for countertops or bathtubs.
  • Liquid castile soap + tea tree oil + water can be used as a general disinfectant and cleaner.
  • Salt + lime juice makes a rust remover. Put a little salt on the rust spot, then squeeze a good amount of lime juice on the salt. Wait 2-3 hours, then scrub.
  • Essential oils can be used to get a pleasant scent, instead of using scented chemicals.

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