Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Resource Management and Economic Stimulation

Industrial materials have more value than most people would expect. Next time you are remodeling your house, or a business is remodeling the importance of recycling the materials being pulled out should be taken into consideration. Did you know that when a building is being torn down up to 90% of recyclable materials are not recycled?

Industrial materials are frequently less costly than new (raw) materials! This means that they are actually more cost beneficial for builders, owners, and individuals! The utilization of repurposed or recycled materials that came out of the building itself during a remodel can actually save money for all parties involved! This means that the money that is saved can go into another project, or another part of the building. There are also companies that specialize in the recycling of industrial materials.

These companies that specialize in recycled materials help boost the economy as well because they create jobs for individuals! Through the creation of jobs to help ensure proper utilization of recyclable materials, in multiple stages of renovation, demolition, and construction green building materials help create new jobs within the local community, and help keep them there! Resource management on construction, demolition, and remodel sites can have positive impacts on the economy.

A perfect example of how resource management throughout the process of constructing a new building can be beneficial is the EPA Potomac Yards in Arlington Virginia. The buildings were constructed with 27% recycled materials. During the construction process a management plan was enacted, and 71% of the materials created during construction of the buildings were kept out of landfills, and taken to recycling companies. The buildings are also LEED® certified, so they have lower operating costs than other buildings.

Resource management is important and once implemented can have positive impacts on the environment, creating green building materials, and helping to create economic growth.

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