Monday, June 9, 2014



Scott & Julie Brusaw had a ridiculous idea in 2009. What if the US replaced all of our roads with solar panels? After years of hard work, innovation and design, Scott & Julie have an effective prototype that could very well become the future. They made a stellar YouTube video to explain all the benefits we could enjoy if all roads in the United States were converted to the "Solar FREAKIN' Roadways"...enjoy.


The world's first algae-powered building recently opened in Hamburg, Germany. The building is completely, 100%, powered by algae. Inside the glass panels of the windows, there is a green liquid which contains algae. This algae serves as a sort of bio-reactor, which is built into the window panes. The algae heat the building, and any excess heat generated is stored underground for use in the cold winters. The heat is generated through photosynthesis. When the algae dies it can be collected and used as a food supplement. This food base is rich in minerals. Check out details of the project in the video & links below.

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