Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Green Building Materials Boost the Economy!

Green building materials have a positive impact on the economy. This is not just due to the production of the environmentally friendly products but through the long term benefits of minimized operating costs for many businesses and households. The economic benefits are in addition to the environmental benefits that come from utilizing green building materials.

Through the production and utilization of green building materials the overall costs to the world, society, individual, environment, and economy is minimized. This is especially true when green building practices utilize resources that are reclaimed, and recycled. Through the utilization of reclaimed building materials increases cost-effectiveness, and helps decrease environmental impacts like the decomposition of materials and instead utilizing these materials through proper deconstruction and repurposing procedures. The Building Materials Reuse Association (BMRA)  is based out of Illinois and works to promote the utilization of reclaimed materials in new construction. The repurposing of old building materials has a positive impact on the economy. This is due to the creation of new jobs and new markets for the economy. This is especially important in the current economic situation.

Green construction utilizing green building products has helped create and/or support 2.4 million jobs, and has created $123 billion in earnings for labor in the time period of 2000-2008. The LEED certified construction that has occurred has created $703 million in labor earnings, and has created $830 million in GDP in the same time frame. Green construction and green building materials create local jobs, and boost the local economy.  All of this in addition to lower operation costs, and decreased building life costs (to operate, etc) helps boost the economy and helps the environment.

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