Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Reducing VOCs in your Home

You have been informed about VOCs and the health hazards on you, so naturally you'd want to know how to reduce exposure of these VOCs in your own home! Here are some tips how:

  • Look for products that are low or free of VOCs
  • Buy solid wood, hardboard, or 'exterior grade' plywood instead of pressed wood products
  • Allow new products to off-gas before bringing them into the house (ex: unwrap and leave a new stuffed coach in the garage for a couple days before moving it in)
  • Ventilate newly installed carpeting/flooring or freshly painted room by opening the windows and using a fan to circulate air
  • Keep the temperature and humidity low
  • Don't buy chemicals in bulk; buy only what you need
  • Store paints, pesticides, and gas cans away from the house, such as a detached shed
  • Consider using organic sheets for your bed
  • Take your shoes off in the house; they could track in substances from outside which remain in your carpet
  • Opt for natural flooring
  • Replace your plastic shower curtain with one made of fabric
  • Use natural cleaners

This is not a comprehensive list, as there are many more ways to avoid VOCs.


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