Friday, June 6, 2014


Hempcrete is a mixture of the inner core of the hemp plant and lime. The use of the product has spread across many European countries. It is not used for structure; it serves as infill between framing, usually wood. Because hemp originates from cannabis sativa, a federally banned substance,  its production has been illegal in the United States since 1937. It is grown legally in Europe, the UK and Canada. Importing Hempcrete is legal; however, the trip reduces the carbon negative attributes the product provides.  Some of the fantastic attributes of Hempcrete are below:

  • ·         Hemp absorbs CO2 as it grows. A home can save about 20,000 lbs of carbon when being built out of Hempcrete.

  • ·         Lightweight; it’s about a seventh or an eighth of the weight of concrete

  • ·         It floats!

  • ·         Growing hemp requires no fertilizer, pesticides or fungicides

  • ·         It’s fire proof, water proof and rot proof.

  • ·         More versatile and easy to work with compared to concrete

  • ·         Hempcrete can be returned to the soil as fertilizer

  • ·         Excellent thermal and acoustic insulator

Please see the following link for many other interesting facts about industrial hemp.

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