Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Join the fight against toxins. Negative Health Effects from Non-Eco Friendly Materials in Our Homes

It has been demonstrated time and time again that we must be diligent in curbing the frequent use of non-eco friendly materials used in our homes. Homes that contain toxic materials have been affecting families and making them sick for decades - affecting their quality of life in the place that they should consider a haven.  Some of the more common ailments people are experiencing that can be tied to living in a home with toxic building materials are debilitating headaches, increased allergic reactions, an irritation in the throat, eyes, and nose, rashes all over the body, experiencing consistent colds as well as the flu, and feeling incredibly lethargic and tired.

Materials that have been shown to have detrimental side effects on people's health that are commonly found in homes today include lead paint, formaldehyde, boilers, radiators, and flame retardants.  With increased and far reaching education about the dangers of toxic homes and the availability of eco-friendly materials, there have been significant efforts in creating community and home environments without the use of such non-eco friendly materials. This is necessary action to take against a problematic issue that is so prevalent and causing a slew of sicknesses.

We urge you to support those businesses and community organizations who develop and promote the use of eco-friendly materials and innovations which can be used instead of their "poisonous" counterparts.  As you read through this site and click to link to sites who we’ve featured, we hope you will not only find inspiration in “going green” but the information you need to incorporate green material use into your homes in new ways.

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