Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Years Resolutions 2017-Go Green & Upcycle!




New Years Resolutions are intended to promote better 

lifestyles and habits come the New Year. With the New 

Year around the corner-It is time for us to get the message 

out there to a wider cross section of the population and 
bringing awareness to this wonderful cause. With 

Resolutions in mind- perhaps this year we can all do our 

part to get involved with going green- and finding out the 

                                                                                                                benefits of upcycling in 2017. 

While recycling is now considered common knowledge these days- many people still have not heard about upcycling 

and the tremendous benefits it has. Not only environmentally- but economically, socially, and personally. Not only does 

upcycling help to minimize and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills each year, but it also helps to reduce 

the amount of raw materials that are produced-conserving global resources.  Along with reducing the production of raw 

materials, this also reduces other pollutants as well- including air pollution, water pollution, and green house gas 


Economically, upcycling has increased the opportunities for new markets to emerge as well. “This new production 

and material sourcing has formed and entirely new industry both in small rural villages as well as boutique niche 

business around the western world” (Upcycle Studio) Environmental, Economic, & Social Benefits of Upcycling This has 

opened the door for designers and craftsman to tap back into a market that has been dominated by the mass produced 

for far too long! Fashion, Jewelry, Furniture, and home decor- all by the actual hands of the artist themselves!  Say 

goodbye to the generic mundane of the mass produced assembly line product and hello to the intricate and unique hand 


This new trend has opened the door for economic 

opportunity that has extended into three emerging 

markets: 1.) Creating upcycled products 2.) Reselling 

upcycled products and lastly 3.) Collecting materials for 

future upcycling (Gross 1) Companies are tapping into a 

market where there is money to be made- buying low and 

selling high. They purchasing waste at a low cost and 

turning around and transforming them into aesthetic works of art that they can sell for a much higher price.  Check out the 

article about benefits of upcycling business. 5 Great Benefits of Upcycling Business       

On a personal level, upcycling allows you to have a hobby where you can tap into your creative and artistic side. Save 

money by repurposing items you would have normally discarded or thrown to the curb on garbage day. Turn your own 

trash into treasure, There are hundreds of websites on the internet that cater to upcycling and at home decor and craft 

projects. You tube provided you with easy instructional videos with various upcycling do it yourself projects. Check out 

Pinterest and get inspired! There are endless resources devoted to the craft that you have at your fingertips online. Find 

out what inspires and motivates you and run with it! You will not only feel good about having a constructive, practical 

hobby- but you will also feel good about saving money and doing your part to help the environment. 

This New Year get involved with environmental sustainability and the all the benefits upcycling has to offer. It is a much 

more improved version of recycling, where instead of breaking down materials- we are reusing them in there original 

form- creating something  beautiful and something better, all while helping the environment and keeping our wallets 

padded. It is a way to give back and to receive in a practical manner.  What other resolution will help you save money, 

save the earth, and tap into your artistic and creative side? This New Years- resolve to go green and up cycle!

Take a look at this years featured New Year’s Eve Upcycle Project: DIY Upcycled Party Ball for the stroke of midnight! 


Check out this site for instructions for this DIY project and others for New Years Eve!

                               HAPPY NEW YEARS 2017!!

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