Saturday, December 3, 2016

Recycling Clothes!

Clothes lifespan, on average only last about 3 years before being discarded. However what happens once they have left your closet? Do they get trashed? Or donated? What about recycled or rather upcycled?! 

Some people prefer turning them into new rags for at home use. Click the link below the images for the instructions on how to make 4 rags from one shirt.

Others have the ability to turn them into fashionable attire for the outside world! The link below takes you to a site where it reveals 7 different fashion companies who promote upcycling clothes. Please take a look because this is becoming the new fashion! Get ideas for your own clothes or potentially find a new store to purchase "new" clothes from. If you need more reasons on why to upcycle your wardrobe then listen up!

It's Sustainable for our Environment,
It's Cost Effective,
AND It's Creative!

So why not jump in?  

Or for even inside the house use. 



Regardless of what you chose, upcycling clothes helps to prevent extra garbage going to the landfills. In fact, the amount of garbage at landfills has nearly tripled since the year 1960! The amount that is consumed has increased throughout the years however the most shocking part (yet not shocking) is  that between the holidays of Thanksgiving and New Years Eve, the amount of products consumed nearly doubles compared to the rest of the year. 

Oh Dear Santa, we need to start saving the environment!

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