Saturday, December 3, 2016

Portland Upcycles

The clothing business is one of the largest in the world and upcycling is slowly finding ways to break into the fashion industry. There may be some clothing lines that you already own that are made from sustainable/environmental friendly material such as Patagonia and Royal Gear, but they are still not doing what the clothing company Loopstock “Hamlin” is doing. Gary Peck and Jim Stutts once day came up with a genius idea that would have a great impact on the clothing industry. This Portland based company that was launched in 2009 takes clothing materials that are not thought to be wearable at their current state and basically scrap up the materials and sell them to other clothing company’s so that they can continue to make their trendy clothing while doing so in a sustainable way. Gary Peck and Jim Stutts are extremely proud of their company’s success, but it is the fact they have conserved over 16 million of gallons that they are proud of.
            Another local company located in Portland known for its upcycling is design – build construction firm “Hammer & Hand”. The company’s president Sam Hagerman began upcycling during the most recent recession. Hagerman couldn’t afford to pay the garbage man the $10,000 a month that he was accustomed to doing for so many years. Instead, Hagerman created his own in house recycling system. He began re – using and even collecting items such framing components, light fixtures, appliances and lumber. Not only was Hagerman able to save money for his company and help the environment, he was also able to save 40 jobs that he would have had to vacate due to the struggling economy.

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