Saturday, December 3, 2016

Upcycling Suitcases


After traveling to so many places, have you ever noticed that your luggage gets a little worn out or a zipper breaks and no longer closes? So therefore you have to buy a new suitcase. What do you do about your old one? Do you just throw it away or does it get tossed in storage and never seen again? Or maybe you are creative enough and can fix your old zipper.... but for how long does that work? 

What do you do about your old one??

... WEELLL ...

Some people have found innovative ways to reuse their luggage besides using it as storage.

Check these out!

🌷 Do you by chance have a GREEN THUMB? This person created a stand for their plants. 🌷

Or maybe if you're tech savy, you could create a portable boom box for your room!

 Do you enjoy wine? You could make yourself a                                                                            wine-case!

Do you need an extra place for quests to sit and hang out? Do you have a large trunk laying around that you can turn into a seat?

Do you have children? You could turn your old suitcase into a dollhouse and allow them the luxury of playing and making it into what every they want!


Have you ever noticed that animals have a strange fascination with your luggage? It's like they know you're going somewhere and crawl into your space hoping to hitch a ride with you. Why not make their dreams come true and give them your luggage with a nice pillow or blanket inside for them to take their naps. Or you could turn your suitcase into a toy bin for your dog!

If you want other ideas for your suitcases, check out the link below.

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