Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Upcycling in Popculture

We know that alot of the times there are messages that can be spread effectively using the media as its main platform. We also know that a person is more likely to think about something, or apply something to their lives, if a famous figure is endorsing this topic. People began doing things like "contouring" in their makeup routine because a famous figure like Kim Kardashian uploaded a photo of herself doing it, even though this method of makeup was done before. Celebrities have a have impact on endorsing to the consumers, and when they do so, the product instantly become more popular. This study done about celebrity endorsement researched throughout the years for certain celebrities, and the pattern of consumers by the influence of the celebrity. They also looked at the differences with and without the celebrities as their control.

As a group of students we are looking at tutorials or DIY projects regarding upcycling, and are posting it on the internet as our platform and are hoping to allow you all to apply upcycling in your everyday lives. But pop culture limits us because of who people depend on regarding their knowledge. What do we do in this case to spread the knowledge of upcycling to that population? Using platforms like youtube or social media to make quick and easy videos that people can enjoy. While researching on this topic, there is a famous facebook page called "Tasty" that make quick and easy cooking videos that is very popular now. They now also have DIY videos that link with upcycling, and now DIY projects are now becoming more popular throughout the internet. Since this is becoming more popular, there are some celebrities that might begin endorsing upcycling because of the Nifty facebook page. Popular youtubers, like Jenna Marbles, have videos where they make their own products in an entertaining way while also influencing their viewers to begin doing the same.

Here's the link to their Nifty page: https://www.facebook.com/buzzfeednifty/

Being able to connect with pop culture to spread the message of upcycling seems the best way to connect with the the population that depend on famous figures to endorse new ideas, or just like simple videos that explain the creative side of upcycling. 

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