Saturday, December 3, 2016


Upcycle That made a blog post back in 2013 with instructions for how to make some DIY upcycled can planters using BOS Ice Tea cans! BOS Ice Tea, originating in South Africa, have sustainability as one of their core beliefs. For every 2000 cans sold, the company plants 1 tree.

This DIY for can planters is done by safely removing the top of the cans. This is done by first removing the tabs of the can. Then, separate the tin can top from the body of the can by dubbing the tin can top against sand paper. Afterwards, use force to break the top of the can from the body using a hammer or a rock and stick. Then, poke a hole in the bottom for drainage, fill your planteres with potting soil, and plant your herbs and watch them grow! Enjoy!

For detailed directions, and to visit their blog, please visit Upcycle That!

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