Sunday, June 11, 2017

From Petroleum Tires to Plant Tires

Gone renewable: synthetic rubber produced using biotechnology
As we explore ways we can reduce/eliminate the use of petroleum products in our daily life. There are companies like Coca-cola that are taking that initial step and producing plant fiber bottles to replace plastic bottles. Supporting companies like this can help encourage other companies to do the same and find alternatives as well.  As a result, in this trend a couple of companies have joined forces to make a "green" tire. Yokohama tire for example, has come up with tires that are 80 percent petroleum-free. Other companies such as Sumitomo rubber Industries, in partnership with Goodyear, has created a prototype Enasave tire which is 97 percent non-petroleum. Advancement such as this should be embraced and supported.  Without your help at promoting products such as this, these advancements will never be pushed further by other companies. Overall, this is a positive direction to help step away from petroleum products altogether.
Engineers reduced the amount of petrochemicals
 in a prototype Goodyear tire by cutting the
amount of synthetic rubber in half


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