Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Transition to a world without Oil

I have to admit that becoming informed on a subject as petroleum, it's uses and it's downfall can be extremely daunting and overwhelming. But if you are reading this blog, it's safe to assume that you arrived here for that very reason. 

A quick google search to find which products contain oil will absolutely be eye opening and overwhelming. Yet, I feel that if you are in search of that information, you must first ask why you are in search of it. If it's to overwhelm your self you will meet your goal working the first search results.

But if it's to just lessen your intake of petroleum, this may not seem as overwhelming. Since petroleum is used in abundance, discovering alternatives to products containing petroleum may be a solution to lessen your consumption. Instead of the goal being to abstain from oil products, an easier approach to transition into not using as many products with oil in them, and finding alternatives, may seem less daunting. In this Ted Talk by Rob Hopkins, he discusses how we can transition into a world without oil.

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