Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The (Environmentally Conscious) Man Your Man Could Smell Like

There are many personal grooming products that have petroleum products in them that we use without thinking. Browsing the website that represents Canada’s oil and gas companies, you will see this image that brags about how many products are made with petroleum.
(Wearing deodorant on your neck and having dentures and hearing aids before 30 may or may not be side effects of using too much petroleum.) Trying to replace all these products may seem overwhelming, so it is best to start small.
Deodorant is a product that we all (hopefully) use on a daily basis. Propylene glycol is an ingredient in deodorant that is usually made from petroleum. However, there are ways around it without smelling like you believe taking a shower washes away a piece of your soul (looking at you, barefoot classmate from last term).

A few companies offer deodorant without propylene glycol. Tom’s of Maine, Native, and Schmidt’s are a few tried and true deodorants. Some people opt to make their own, but in my anecdotal experience, these people start smelling like the 1975 album Mothership Connection by two in the afternoon (it’s a funk album, check it out). Buying new deodorant is a fun self-care experience anyways. Try it out, and let us know how it goes in the comments!

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  1. Pastor says God told him I should be wearing extra strength deodorant