Sunday, June 11, 2017

Petroleum Alternative Product "Asphalt" shingle to Solar roofing

Most common roofing tiles that are used in the United States are asphalt shingles which take up approximately 57% of the total market share demand. As the U.S. Department of housing reports an increase in housing production by 11.3% compared to the annual rate of 1.23 million units. It is more than likely that half of those homes will use asphalt shingles which are not eco-friendly due to major of the asphalt shingles composition is petroleum. As a result, there are alternative such as  wood, slate, metal and etc., but due to asphalt being the most resilient and easy to make, the market has not had huge advancements until now. Elon Musk announced  Solar Energy roof Tile system that will revolutionize this market. It is also environmentally friendly and will absorb solar energy from the sun which will help individual households to reduce their energy consumption from the grid. This, in turn, reduces CO2 emissions from the grid and reduce our dependency on petroleum through reducing energy use and moving away from asphalt shingles. With this, we can contribute to the reduction of petroleum use and we can promote the environment. This advancement would be the first step in that direction.


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