Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Cost of Reducing Dependence of Petroleum & By- Products

It can seem like an  overwhelming task but, there are many things that we can all do to make sure earth is here for future generations.  Here are some small steps you can take to reduce your dependence on oil.  Some of these are no brainers, but they are perfect starts. I’ve also thrown in some bigger goals to consider.  Reducing your dependence on oil isn’t time consuming, or expensive.  In fact, not only is saving the planet easy to do, but it will also save you money.

 Simple Goals

Quit the Bottle
Seriously, water bottles are super bad for the environment.  And expensive.   Water bottles that are BPA free (BPA is a plasticizing agent) and/or metal, are reusable and cheaper in the long run.

Ride Share/Bus/Walk/Bike
Gas is expensive and parking is expensive, sharing those costs, with ride share make them not so expensive.  Portland is also very bike friendly, and has a great public transportation system.

Buying Cloth Bags when shopping
Plastic bags are starting to disappear from grocery stores, and even though paper is a great alternative, the best one would be to use cloth shopping bags.

Shopping Locally
Shopping locally for produce is a very solid way to reduce the carbon imprint.  Fruits and veggies sold at Farmers markets are almost always cheaper than what you can get at the supermarket. 

Second Hand Clothes
We can’t all buy natural fiber and hemp clothes, but you can recycle the clothes we do have by buying and donating second hand clothing.

Making your own products
make your own toothpaste, grow your own food.

 Not So Simple Goals

Electric Cars
Buying a car?  Think about an electric car, extreme savings of  gas money.  There are other alternatives to fuel like: propane, natural gas, electricity, biodiesel, ethanol, and hydrogen.   Even if you cannot buy electric, if you have an older car you may want to look into converting the fuel intake from gas into bio diesel. More great info on that here

Solar Energy

European countries are jumping to convert homes to solar energy.   If you are a homeowner you should look into converting to solar paneling and wind power.  

Alternative Building Materials

New roof?  try metal or clay tile, instead of tar. 
Try fiber cement siding instead of vinyl.  

For Free

Writing your energy company 
Writing to your local Representative

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