Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cooking up Air Pollution in Brazil

Brazil's air pollution has been a topic of conversation for quite some time now. Air pollution doesn't just come from nowhere and in Brazil's case, interestingly enough, cooking is a large culprit for rising pollution. Air pollution claims the lives of about 49,000 Brazilians each year. Just under half of these pollution related deaths are caused by the burning of wood and assorted solid fuels as it pertains to cooking in the Brazilian home.

This is not an insignificant number. About 19 million Brazilians use wood to cook in their homes, and because of this, these particular individuals are far more susceptible to pollution exposure and face a higher likelihood of dying as a result. The lack of chimneys paired with the open fire style of cooking has lead air pollution levels to jump to hazardous levels in rural areas.

To learn more about the severity of air pollution as a result of cooking in Brazil, head over to the link below

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