Sunday, August 13, 2017

Olympic sized problem: Rio Air Pollution

As an athlete competing at the Olympics, having optimum weather conditions is obviously important. But when the air quality itself places athletes on a weak foundation to be competitive, the location might come into question as a poor choice to host the games. This is exactly what happened with the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro. Beijing is the only other host of the Olympics to have dirtier air conditions than Rio since the 1980 Olympic games.

Although the most popular topic of conversation originally surrounded Rio's water pollution, critics snapped back stating that athletes can avoid drinking Rio water, but they can't avoid breathing Rio air. Although those in charge of organizing the Rio Olympics argued that the data being evaluated in regards to the air pollution could not be looked at and judged solely, others argued back saying that the severity of the pollution was grounds enough for concern. Although the Olympic games in Rio were still held, it wasn't without concern from athletes and coaches.

To learn more about how measuring air quality works, check the link below

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