Friday, August 11, 2017

Economic and Environmental Benefits of Curbing Air Pollution (United Arab Emirates and Abroad)

There are both environmental and economic benefits when it comes to curbing air pollution. For instance, road traffic in Dubai is known to be one of the biggest polluters. The “sunlight acts on vapour from fuels and fumes from exhausts to produce ozone, which irritates eyes and causes asthma and bronchitis”. Cleaner engines and more developed public transport systems will help reduce these negative effects. One way to accomplish this is to increase registration fees on the more hazardous vehicles and using the revenues to offer rebates on low-emission vehicles (such as Toyota’s hybrid Prius or Tesla’s electric Model S).

Another important factor is the necessity of public transportation. Subsidizing public transportation could significantly reduce the levels of air pollution in the United Arab Emirates. The Etihad Rail network, the expansion of the Dubai Metro, the Al Sufouh Tramway, and Abu Dhabi’s Metro (due in 2016-17) are all seen as positive steps.

UAE lifts its carbon reduction target

Attention to and action toward preventing air pollution is part of a wide strategy which produces multiple benefits: smoother-flowing traffic, better infrastructure, lower greenhouse gases and greater economic resilience. Clean air “supports the UAE’s rapid growth, keeping it attractive, livable and convenient – and showing the best face of the splendid new buildings”.

The linked article below discusses more of these benefits in greater detail.  

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