Saturday, August 12, 2017

Younger Generations Don't Get it

Japan has made steps to create a better climate for it’s country, by using green energy for solar and wind, smart grids, green vehicles, and green buildings. But younger generations don’t seem as concerned. A government survey showed that about 75 percent of Japanese people from ages 18 to 29 have expressed interest in climate change, but it is has noticeably dropped from 99 percent interest just in a few years.

To up the interest among the younger generations, the government has begun a campaign called “Cool Choice,” which encourages consumers to buy energy-efficient appliances.

In a new effort to capture young people’s attention, the government has begun working on ways to possibly make environmental benefits of the sharing economy. The younger generations seem less interested in owning cars, homes or bikes, environment ministry officials said. And since many campaigns here have mascots, officials are soliciting mascots that generations can relate to, to help contribute to Japans environment issues.

So far, some young people seem unchanged by the government’s efforts.

Click and drag to see air pollution in real time around the world:


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