Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Japan's Pollution Diet

Japan has made significant changes when it comes to their environment. They made progress by implementing aggressive policies (14 policies passed in 1970) such as adopting clean technology. Clean technology came to the scene when Japan started shutting down many of its nuclear reactors from Fukushima disaster. Using LED lights, Japanese businesses cut office electricity by 40 percent, according to Fortune report. Komatsu is leading the way in the heavy machinery business by installing solar panels, using underground water for cooling and adopting clean manufacturing technology, which the company saved 40 percent over three years on energy costs.

What is Japan doing now?
Japan and other countries have invested in new green energy technology manufacturing industries such as those related to solar and wind, smart grids, green vehicles, and green buildings. Clean-tech companies are becoming more sophisticated and creative. A new industry has been built around finding information to improve technology to then reduce energy consumption. There is talk about clean technology taking over the tech industry by 2050, and Japan has already made their move and proven results over years and years of hard work.

Simple and easy tips to help reduce air pollution in your own home:


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