Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thailand: Electric Car Ride Share

In a country that is known for its busy roads and large amounts of varying taxi-type cars (Red Trucks and Tuk Tuks) Thailand is venturing into the world of ride sharing. A university in Bangkok is testing the waters with ride sharing in order to combat the congested city streets and the large amount of air pollution that comes from it. Toyota has made a deal to send 30 electric ride sharing cars to a University in Bangkok for students and locals to use instead of their own personal cars or taxis which run on gasoline. The article goes on to define the purpose of this experiment, "The Japanese automaker and the university will study the effects on curbing traffic congestion and air pollution, both serious problems for emerging countries." 

Unlike the US, Thailand has been welcoming of the idea of switching to electric vehicles and encourage growth within the industry. 

Read more on Electric Ride Sharing in Thailand here:

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