Sunday, May 17, 2015

Don't Buy New, Buy Refurbished!

by Zachary Cope

Are you looking to buy a new piece of technology? Are you worried about the affect of your new purchase? What can you do? Most times the newest model of technology is not always that much better than previous years. A simple way to save money, and help fight planned obsolescence is to buy a refurbished/used older model. With a quick internet search you can find a multitude of sites that offer such products for a much cheaper price. When I went onto Amazon and searched for an iPhone 5s I found over 200 listings for a used iPhone 5s. The used/refurbished iPhone was going to save me around 50%.
Many of these websites offer great deals and protect the product with a warranty. So even though you are buying a used/refurbished item, you can sleep safe knowing that if it breaks you are going to get your money back. I myself have been saving money buying refurbished items for many years, and have been very satisfied. Not only do I save money, but in a small way I combat planned obsolescence buy not buying a brand new piece of technology.
So next time you are looking to buy a new piece of technology, take a moment and look for an older cheaper model. It will save you money and will extend the life of that products usage.

For more information on buying refurbished items click the link:

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