Saturday, May 23, 2015

Indie Developer Says "No" to Apple’s Dwindling Generational Support Policy

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When was the last time you felt like something you had purchased was going to last long-term? What was that product? Could you hold it in your hand, or was it less tangible? What about a piece of software, or a game, even?

Games have long been the spotlight of criticism regarding planned obsolescence. With each generational shift in technology, there are bound to be games left behind, unplayable on older hardware, and new games that demand the purchase of new hardware to play.

With video game consoles and personal computers, those shifts are less pronounced than on their mobile counterparts. Cell phones and tablets are one of the biggest culprits experts point to in regards to the planned demise of usability.

Recently in an interview with, Jeff Vogel spoke out about his experiences with the smartphone giant Apple, and their practice of invalidating prior generations of phones in the quest to sell more of the current build.

Complaints aren’t just limited to hardware, though. Apple has made is common practice change their software and codebase, rendering old programs either invalid or unsupported. It’s not surprise Vogel said “no more.” What will you say?

To read Vogel’s full interview, check out and decide for yourself!

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