Sunday, May 31, 2015

What is the Omniprocessor?

by Zachary Cope
“Our whole economy is based on planned obsolescence.” —Brooks Stevens an American industrial designer of home furnishings, appliances, automobiles. 
This statement could not be anymore true today as it was during his lifetime. I feel like our cycle of build, buy, destroy may be to strong to change. Like Brooks Steven's said our whole economy is based on planned obsolescence. There would need to be major changes in laws and how we all looked at the world. This is why I feel our best plan of action would be to increase how much we recycle and how much of our waste is converted into useful fuel or resources. 
According to the EPA in 2012, of the 251 million tons of trash and  recycled composite. Of that waste 34.5% was recovered and recycled. 11.7% was translated into combustion and energy recovery. Leaving the remaining 53.8% discarded. In my opinion this is where our solution will come from, if we decrease the discarded and convert it to the recycled category we will be better off.
An example of converting waste into a useable resource is the Omniprocessor. This machine was created by Sedro-Wooley and is backed by Bill Gates. So what does this machine do? The Omniprocessor converts unusable water sludge contaminated by wastes and bacteria into drinkable water for people and more.
If we can continue to developed and create new methods and practices that convert and change our waste into a usable resource, we will have a much cleaner future ahead of us. Play the video below to learn more about this Omni Processor. Visit Bill Gates blog to learn more about what he's up to:

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