Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lift Time Tire

by Patrick Anderson

Now the thought of a tire that never wears out, never loses its grip to the road nor gets a flat when you in the middle of no where, is quite something. But in all my searching for something of this nature I've come up with nothing? No articles, news reports or publishing's suggesting this very thing. The closes I've come to is blogs and posts by random people who are wondering the same question I am, "why can't I buy a tire that last forever?" Its much like any other item we would think they would already have by now, life time light bulb (suppose to be the LED) better MPG cars/Trucks, household items, clothing etc. etc. etc... We could go on and on all day, but we won't. If we really had something that would last a life time, would we really be satisfied with it? Or if we were satisfied enough, would there be enough employment for us by the manufactures out there? Probably not... It's a win and lose situation on both sides of the board. So which way can we really go? We all have to find a middle ground with our purchased goods.

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