Monday, May 25, 2015

Turn Unused Electronics Into Cash

by Jordan Berkley

I was recently on a road trip with my family, and when we stopped at a local grocery store to get some road essentials, I noticed a kiosk that I had never seen before next to the "Redbox", it was an "ecoATM". This intrigued me because their advertisement on the side boasted instant cash for used electronics. I decided to research it further and found that ecoATM is a convenient yet environmentally conscious way of recycling unused electronics. On their site, ecoATM points out the problem of improper disposal of electronics, and ecoATM's process of refurbishing, reusing or recycling your old electronics. ecoATM is a R2 certified company with many great resources. Check out their website to find a location near you and to read about what they are doing for the environment.

ecoATM : 

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  1. Hey there Jordan, so glad you got a chance to check out ecoATM! Thanks for the write-up, and we hope to see you at the kiosk again soon.