Sunday, May 17, 2015

Life Hacks To Combat Planned Obsolescence

By Laura Matthews

Planned Obsolescence has a definite negative impact on our world ecological health. Trash and waste harms the earth’s soil and animals we rely on to keep our own food resources growing and healthy. Planned obsolescence is not all bad. It has a positive impact on the world’s economic health. For example, jobs are sustained by a population who consumes perishable goods. “Life hacks” are a popularized way of teaching each other fun creative ways of navigating both ecological and economic impacts planned obsolescence has on our world. There is no way around purchasing and consuming products. It is a need and desire on so many levels in our lives. Check out the below the three hacks that will allow you to participate in consumerism and then up cycle the products when it is no longer useful in the capacity it was intended for. Let’s get creative!

Hack #1

Fashion – You think that old sweater was so 2008? Turn it into a costume! Pair it with the same colored bottom and you have yourself a banana, green bean or zombie costume. Get creative!


Old Text books – The need for affordable textbooks is worldwide. Consider donating your text book to a charity that ships them to third world villages that do not have the means or ability to buy updated text books for their schools. Click on one of these links to donate:

Hack #3

Electronics – Not all electronics need to go to the trash bin after they die. Some large enough can be revamped to be aquariums!

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