Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Samsung Washing Machine and Sink Combo: Improvement or Quickened Obsolescence?

by Katherine Millsap 
"Save space, save time, save money. No wait—not money.”

Samsung announced their newest design of washing machines at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show- a top loading washing machine with a build in sink on top.   The sink’s purpose is to allow consumers to pretreat their clothes in the same machine they wash them in, intending to take out the (gasp) extremely inconvenient and difficult task of pretreating stains in the sink and then transferring them to the washing machine.   While this new feature may be attractive to many people willing and able to spend nearly $1,200 on a washing machine, it begs a different question than how neat or useful this new feature is, being: has Samsung developed an interesting, innovative, and convenient feature on their new line of machines?   Or are they intentionally adding features that will hasten the inevitable breakdown and replacement of them?   An average top-loading washing machine is predicted to last between 11-14 years.   However, with the added feature of the build-in sink and all the moving parts that go with that, has Samsung just lowered the time for replacement?   As with most machines and gadgets, the more moving parts there are the more opportunities for repair and eventual replacement from repair fatigue on the part of the consumer.   While Samsung’s built in sink is an interesting feature that may attract consumers, underneath that Samsung is practicing Planned Obsolescence by intentionally adding a feature that will be difficult or expensive to repair, therefore requiring consumers to purchase a new machine sooner than the expected 11-14 years.

“Save space, save time, save money. No wait—not money.”

For more detailed reviews of washing machine features: 

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