Tuesday, May 26, 2015

IWOP the Everlasting Light Bulb

by Masha Limpahan

When I first saw an article about the ‘Forever Light Bulb’ I got excited. This bulb doesn't get hot, is created without use of toxic or harmful chemicals, is energy-saving, repairable, and is supposed to last over 80 years (with a 25 year guarantee). The bulb was created by Benito Muros in 2012 and is manufactured and sold by OEP Electrics in Spain. Muros refused to accept planned obsolescence and decided to take active steps against the practice. Though the IWOP costs more than the regular light bulb that we are familiar with, if working correctly, it should not need to be replaced within our lifetime. Not only would it save each household money in the long run, it also reduces waste.

Check out the specifications of the IWOP bulb

So, this excitement led me to search for more information on the IWOP but the information is very limited. Though sales within the US are ‘planned’ the lightbulb is still not available here. There are mentions of it being available ‘on the internet,' but I was unable to find any websites that sell it. If a product is created that is longer lasting, more efficient, and more sustainable, why is it so difficult to purchase?

Does the SOP (Save Our Planet) Movement and the IWOP lightbulb mark the beginning of a change in the goals of our industry? We know that a change like this will have a lot of opposition from corporations that would be at risk of losing profits, however, as consumers, we have the power, and the responsibility, to demand more sustainable and affordable practices and products. 

Interview with Benito Muros about SOP and his anti-planned obsolescence stance


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