Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fashionably Unsustainable

by Blake D'Ippolito

The driving force of fashion is planned obsolescence. In fact, everything “fashion” does is predicated toward teaching consumers to eschew the old and embrace the new. In today's society, especially in large metropolitan cities, fashion trends are constantly evolving. The result of this is millions of dollars of unused products that might as well be garbage.

What can we do to change this?

As consumers, the easiest option is to not buy into these changing trends and buy clothing that is functional. However, most people do not fall into the category who disregards all fashion trends. Donating clothing to the likes of Goodwill and other non-profit organizations is a great way of letting go of your clothing to help others. There are also businesses where one can take their clothing to sell for a fraction of their worth.

However, an individual consumer has the ability to make their old clothing last much longer than they are designed to. By re-purposing old clothing, one can dramatically extend the value of their original items. For example, one could cut an old shirt into rags for cleaning, which is very simple and effective way to save money and reduce on waste. There are endless ways to re-purpose old clothing into more functional and items that one can use.

The site below gives detailed instructions on 40 different ways to re-purpose your expired clothing:

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