Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rethinking Planned Obsolescence Through Circular Economics

by Jordan Berkley

Many of the arguments for the practice of planned obsolescence come from the economic standpoint 
of creating and sustaining a particular market. We can see through the example of many tech companies that creating 
a product that will deteriorate short term provides an endless market in which new products can be sold (i.e. cellphones, appliances, etc.). To dispel the exclusivity of success that the industry purports of planned obsolescence, the Green Alliance has put together a compelling report that models 6 circular economic plans within the tech industry. These plans are more sustainable and worth a look. The more economists like these that can work to find alternatives to planned obsolescence, the more positive the impact will be on the global environment 
and economy. Encourage colleagues and students to rethink past economic practices 
of planned obsolescence and show them that there are alternatives. 

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