Saturday, December 12, 2015

An Unusual Microbead Product

Dentists have started to warn patients that many toothpaste brands are now containing Microbeads, advertised as a better form for cleaning teeth.  Both the FDA and independent testing groups have come out saying that the microbeads have not affected health of citizens in anyway.  However it is also noted that the research trials have been relatively short due to longevity on the market.  Like the facial scrub counterparts the toothpaste does use microbeads that range from 5um to 14um.  However despite the likeness of the beads that are in facial gel which are made of Polyethylene. Polyethylene can be toxic in the right form to humans, and should never be consumed in large quantities.  Dental Patient News seems to agree with the reasoning provided their respective sources that Polyethylene is the same ingredient that can be found in food additives. From researching further into testing performed by the FDA there is no publicly available reports stating that their is no effects from long term consumption of food additive Polyethylene.



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