Saturday, December 12, 2015

Microbeads Affect On Humans via consumption

An unintended and often overlooked consequence of microbeads is that they do not stop when moving when they hit the ocean.  These plastic beads are light, small, round and  have a tremendous life cycle. The size is something a fish may eat. This creates a health problem for not only fish but also secondary consumers.

Taipei Times points out the average shellfish consumed by European, ingests around 11,000 Microbeads per year.  It’s noted that research done by Taipei Times found that out of a study of 308 hygiene products, 108 of them had Microbeads.  These contained chemicals that would be harmful to humans, especially in larger quantities.  

While it would be convenient if the problem was only isolated to Shellfish however, the truth is this problem affects most fish.  There are very few cases about the damaging effects of Microbeads to humans due to their small size and failure to link consumption to any health problems.



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