Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Microbeads Under International Scrutiny

While we may sometimes focus on microbeads as a local or national issue, it is encouraging to find that while the media may only cover efforts in the United States to ban the bead here, organizations and governments across the world are taking notice and beginning the process of eliminating the beads as well.

In an article from the Taipei Times dated 12/8/2015, staff reporter Chen Wei-han cites numerous studies from the United States, from Belgium, and from Taiwan's own Taiwan Watch Institute that state the hazards microbes pose to public health. "...they [Taiwan Watch Institute] have found out that about one-third of the products contained microbeads — plastic particles smaller than 1mm in diameter — that are widely used as exfoliating agents, and that a bottle of facial foam could contain up to 1 million microbeads." states TWI secretary general Herlin Hsieh in a recent report.

In addition to the findings of TWI, Wei-han's article cites recent ban measures in some U.S. states as being a catalyst for change across the world. In speaking up we enact change, not only at home but around the world. If we make changes, the world will notice. If we make enough changes, the world will follow.

Full text from the Taipei Times here

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