Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Coffee as Exfoliant? 2013 Home-Grown Company Introduces New Cosmetic Solution

I apologize for a repost of this article from Monday in The Telegraph about a group of Australian women who started a skin care brand from the ground up (pun intended) using leftover coffee grounds as the base of their line of products, Frank Body.

Bree Johnson, founder of Frank Body, cites coffee's natural antioxidants, pH balance, and stimulant properties as reasons for its use as a beauty product, as well as the coarse-ground used coffee as an effective exfoliant.

In addition to coffee, Frank Body makes use of a full line of natural body products that are 99.9% natural, microbead-free, and have minimal environmental impact.

There are plenty of alternatives to synthetic exfoliants in the world, and all we have to do is choose them to bring about the change we want. Thank you, Frank Body!

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