Saturday, December 5, 2015

McCoy signs Albany County microbead ban

The banning of microbeads has been a local effort that matriculated into a community effort, which ultimately became a state initiative that grew into a conscious effort nationally and now globally. This ban illustrates the effectiveness of grassroots community involvement in ecological issues. Simplicity resonates with us all. The understanding of the importance of educating consumers at every level of our society has proven successful.
Albany County in New York successfully passed legislation to ban the sale of personal care products which contain microbeads. It is not the only county in the state New York that has approved of this band, it is the fifth county and I'm sure that as more community environmental advocates become aware of the importance of grassroots education,  the list will continue to grow. 
Sustained efforts at the local level has historically been the driver of many successful environmental agendas. Reach one teach one is a mantra for at risk youth personal growth, but it could easily be applied to each of us as a responsibility to the welfare of our planet.


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