Friday, December 11, 2015

Jojoba beads: a natural alternative to microbeads

With the slow move towards removing microbeads from the market, consumers will be left to find new exfoliates to take the place of their previous microbead-containing products. Fret not; while there are many alternatives to microbeads such as coffee, sea salt and sugar, some consumers have found that these ingredients can be too rough and might even cause micro-lesions on the skin. Luckily, a lot of products have been shifting towards the usage of jojoba beads.

Jojoba beads are biodegradable wax-based beads that come from jojoba plants found in the southern parts of the United States and northern Mexico. These beads are derived from jojoba shrubs which produce large seeds that are turned into a wax. Once fully hydrogenated, these seeds become the jojoba beads found in many all-natural products.

The seeds are odorless and colorless, and they also serve as a viable moisturizer. Since they're wax-based, they don't irritate the skin in the way that coarser substances do. Additionally, jojoba beads can be bought in bulk, and when combined with products like shea butter or bees wax, it acts as a facial cleanser that is both effective and budget friendly.

You can find more information on jojoba beads on their website here, and there is a multitude of products containing these beads on the market today. A simple Google search for jojoba bead products will lead you towards a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle!


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